The DUO Play by Coach Paul Alexander

by ProCoach.Network


It’s the most misunderstood play in football. Most call it an INSIDE ZONE play… even many coaches and television analysts have it confused. But it’s not ZONE. It’s GAP. Double teams with peculiar reads for the blockers and runner.
Coach Paul Alexander, an NFL Coaching Veteran of 26 years, shares it all. In this course you’ll learn the blocking rules, running back courses and reads, personnel and formation rules and variations as well as technical coaching points. After completing this course, you’ll know all the ins and outs and nuts and bolts of one of the most popular, yet misunderstood, plays in football. Book this course....

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Coach Paul Alexander is a 36 year veteran NFL and major college football coach. An Academic All American football player, he began coaching at Penn State, then University of Michigan and Central Michigan before taking on his first NFL coaching assignment with the New York Jets in 1991.  For the next 23 years he was the offensive line coach of the Cincinnati Bengals where he helped set a number of NFL and club records … it’s a tenure unheard of in modern day coaching cycles.  In 2015 Alexander was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in its article: “The Mozart behind the Bengals 6-0 record”.   In 2017, Pro Football Focus ranked his offensive line #1 statistically in pass protection over the 11 year life of their measure; also in 2017, he was once again recognized by Sports Illustrated as the top offensive line coach in the business and named to their “Dream Team Coaching Staff”.  In 2018, Alexander joined the Dallas Cowboys as their offensive line coach. Proud coach of 15 Pro Bowlers+alts over 26 years in the NFL. Book this course....