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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

US Sports Recruiting-Charles Philias #2 Senior OLB RB Somerset Academy Silver Palms Homestead, FL Senior Year mid season highlights.

Charles Philias [Video Below]

#2 Senior OLB RB

Somerset Academy Silver Palms

Homestead, FL

  • Jersey #: 2
  • Positions: OLB, RB
  • Height & Weight: 6'1" 195lbs
  • Class of: 2019
Hard Work Pays Off!

Team History

  • SACH Boys' Varsity Football
    Homestead, FL 
    2015 - 2018
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  • Pain, Discomfort, Hurt and Soreness?

    Michael Boyle - September 20, 2018
    I had a Twitter follower ask some questions about one of my Retweets concerning pain and rehab.
    The basic gist of the tweet I retweeted was from @enahncedphysper and said “ your rehabilitation process should almost always be a pain dictated process” .
    I 100% agree and my response was the title of one of my favorite articles, just think “ Does It Hurt”
    The reply from @teir1athletics was “ isn't there going to be some discomfort though? I recall when I was working through my ROM on my knee ( post ACL) after surgery there was some discomfort? Should we educate the athlete on the difference between pain, discomfort, hurt and soreness?”
    As I thought about the question I came to the conclusion that yes, we should educate our clients and athletes about the difference between pain, discomfort, hurt and soreness.
    The reality is that there is a bit of subjectivity to the ideas of pain, discomfort, hurt and soreness. I'll give you what I think are some good working definitions as they apply to rehab and exercise.
    Pain is pretty simple. Wikipedia defines pain as a distressing feeling. I feel like pain is easy to understand even if it can sometimes be hard to describe. Painful exercise is always wrong (unless we are talking about tendinopathy and, that's a different post).
    (Also, please don't give me all the “pain science” BS. I realize pain is not simple but, that has nothing to do with painful exercise.)
    Now, we get into semantics when we discuss discomfort. I do think that discomfort is different than pain but probably has a lot more latitude? What really constitutes discomfort? Discomfort is a lack of comfort? I think we want to generally avoid discomfort also. Discomfort is probably pains next door neighbor and discomfort can quickly become pain. This is the gray area. I know that squatting after knee surgery ( particularly before all the swelling is gone) can be a bit uncomfortable but is probably OK, as long as it doesn't progress to pain. I've often found that discomfort decreases with movement while pain increases? Keep Reading........
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