Ripped Dad
What an amazing transformation!!! Tony committed his life to the process and transformed his body inside and out!! I am super proud of you my friend.  What an inspiration you will be to so many.
Tony’s Program -; Fitness Model Program
Starting Stats
Weight- 234 lbs
Stomach 42″
Body Fat- 18.3%
Ending Stats
Weight – 220 lbs
Stomach- 33″
Body Fat%- 9.1%
Lose Belly Fat
Tony’s Testimonial 
January 16th 2016 I decided enough was enough and I’d get my life and my family back. After years of living life in the fast lane the time had come to shut it down. Immediately following my decision to clean up my life I knew it was going to take much more to reverse the damages I’d done to myself physically. I began reading, watching videos, googling, and every other form of modern research looking for the best way to get back into great physical and mental shape. After a few years of dieting, consulting with doctors, nutritional experts, fellow gym goers and just using personal experiences things started coming together. Up and down my weight, body fat, muscle mass, water retention, all began fluctuating and I felt as though I was losing control of what was working.
Micah and I had met years and years ago here and there throughout the city. I’ve always been fond of Micah and admired his ability remain steadfast in his approach to life and not get sucked in to what “everyone else is doing”. In more recent times him and Diana joined my wife and I for a night of worship at my church. This was the catalyst for me to make the leap I had been wanting to do for years, join the HitchFit family.
A few years back when I was involved in MMA, Micah gave me a quick meal plan to follow in order to cut some weight for a fight. It worked! So already a believer in HitchFit and moreover Micah and Diana I decided to go for it!
I got online went through the signup process. Micah and I exchanged a few emails, one of which was my measurements, boy that was tough, and wha-la, my blueprint for success was created! 12-16 weeks of what looked like hell was about to go down. To my surprise, the transition in the workouts from a difficulty level was very tolerable, not easy, and very different from what I had been doing, but tolerable. The cardio requirements and lifting requirements got harder and harder but most importantly, they were doable which was super important to me so that I didn’t become burnt out, bored or discouraged. It kept my interest and confidence high the entire time.
Micah was awesome about fielding all of my questions and concerns, from, “do I measure my oats cooked or uncooked, do I weigh my chicken raw or cooked” and the list goes on. My favorite was, “what if I don’t have time to get all the cardio calories in?”…..he replied, “find time!” This is one of the things about Micah and Diana that makes them great! They love what they do, they love who they are doing it for and in the name of love they tell you what you NEED to hear not what you want to hear!
Ripped Back
After 12 weeks or so I had lost about 5” on my waist and about 7% body fat but I wasn’t done.
So I went off script for a while and of course regressed. After some conversations with Micah and him correcting a few of my mistakes I was back on track.
Good to great was tough mentally, as well as physically, I was running 4-6 Miles a day, eating clean and hit a wall stuck at about 10.6-12% body fat. Micah and I had a few discussions about some advanced methods of macro manipulation and I began to see changes again. The last few months required high attention to detail of what I was eating and when I was eating at all times. When your body becomes a metabolic machine it’s super hard to move the needle in any direction. You are simply metabolizing everything really really well. It was tough to gain, lose, anything I truly had plateaued. However those final tweaks to my nutrients and intense workouts the last 6 weeks finally broke me into the single digit body fat, finally 9.1%. I decided to take some stress off myself mentally and call phase one of my transformation complete and a success.
From Feb 20th when I took my first pic after joining HitchFit to Aug 31st I managed to loose 9+% Body fat , 14 pounds(really lost about 25-30lbs of fat and gained 10–15lbs of muscle) and an astounding 9” around my waist. Mission 1 accomplished.

Healthy Dad
In closing, I want to thank God first and foremost for redeeming me and making me whole again, and giving me such determination and strength to overcome such a dark place in my life. Next my wife for standing by my side, slaving in the kitchen with me on Sunday’s, meal prepping for the coming week, making dinner for our entire family then making something totally separate for me to eat! She encouraged me through words of affirmation everyday while I’m flexing in the mirror after every single workout, and I do mean every single workout. The last 3 months she was getting up with me every morning at 3:30AM and packed my lunch for the day and was off to the gym with me by 4:30, 5 days a week without fail! Of course I want to thank my children for their support and always asking to see my muscles and ask if they can hang from my arms (good little extra shoulder workout). Lastly I want to thank Micah and Diana for their commitment to my success, always encouraging, always helpful and most of all, always there! I’m extremely proud to say I’m part of the HitchFit family and no longer just a friend Micah!
If you are on the fence about changing your life just make the leap of faith and you won’t be sorry you did. 6 months in exchange for an entirely new outlook on the rest of life is really a cheap date!! If you took the time to read this entire testimony you must be pretty serious about wanting to make a change in your life. Pray about it and then be about it!
With love and encouragement,
Tony Cardello
Program Choice: Fitness Model