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Monday, July 9, 2018

COOLEST COPS - BEST KINDNESS COMPILATION and The Flexibility of a Legal Education


The Flexibility of a Legal Education
By: Jeremy Smith
There is something to be said for receiving an education. Without a doubt, it opens doors and elevates individuals socially. This is particularly true of a legal education. A law degree or Juris Doctor is a professional doctorate that entitles individuals to take any state’s bar exam and find employment as an attorney. The job market for attorneys is virtually limitless. Attorneys work in all sorts of places. They work in the government, they work in large firms, and they work for non-profit organizations. Perhaps the greatest thing about being an attorney is that ultimately they can even work for themselves. There is nothing stopping any law school grad from passing the bar and opening their own practice. There is a lot to be said for the professional freedom of being one’s own boss.

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In addition to working as a practicing attorney, a law degree opens up a world of other career opportunities. A legal education is so flexible that it is perhaps the most ideal education and can be applied in business, politics, academia, publishing, law enforcement, journalism and more. There are scores of CEOs of major corporations who hold law degrees. It is hard to think of a career in which a law degree would not be an asset. Moreover, there is the social prestige of having a law degree. Having a Juris Doctor confers upon the holder of that degree a unique knowledge of how the American legal system, and therefore society, really works. Law school graduates often hold special places of esteem in their communities, serving on community boards and in civic organizations.

However, a law school education does not come at a low price. It is a very serious investment of both time and money. The latter perhaps is the greater concern to individuals contemplating a legal career. Ultimately, three years of law school pales in comparison to the debt incurred while engrossed in studies. This debt can, of course, be easily paid off by the high salaries that attorneys usually make.

But how do individuals go about bankrolling their studies in the first place? That is where private student loans come into play. Many individuals may be aware that it is possible to pay for college with a private student loan. That practice is very common as the high cost of education is not limited to law schools. However, it is possible to get a law school student loan as well. Student loans make it possible for individuals who may lack the initial financial background to pay for higher education. They make it possible for students to achieve their full potential without being hindered by the cost of higher education.

Author writes about a variety of topics about ways to pay for college and helping students learn more about law school student loan options.

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