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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Weight Loss After Pregnancy Amelia got her Pre Baby Body Back with Hitch Fit!

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Amelia got her Pre Baby Body Back with Hitch Fit!

Well I am so proud of today’s Post Pregnancy Transformation Amelia! Amelia is no stranger to Hitch Fit! She has completed plans in the past including Lose Weight Feel Great and the Competition Prep! This time around, we had a different focus, after the birth of her son Renzo, she wanted to get back to a really great and fit place! This time around, Amelia’s husband Lyall went through a Hitch Fit plan with her! Amelia did the Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan and Lyall did a Lose Weight Plan with Micah. Both of them did an amazing job! Amelia dropped body fat and got back down to where she feels comfortable and confident. These two are being healthy role models for little Renzo! Awesome job Amelia!
Amelia’s Stats: 
Starting body fat: (Online Calculator) 34.48%
Ending body fat: (Online Calculator) 22.3%
Starting weight: 114
Ending weight: 101
Amelia’s Post Pregnancy Before and After Weight Loss Pictures:

Amelia’s Story:
So, I had my baby Sept. 27th and by the time I went to my 6 week appointment I was back at my “pre pregnancy” weight, 119. However, at 5 ft., I was used to being 101-107 so this was not my happy place. (Yet, it had been the place I was at when I finally got pregnant, so that at least made me happy.)  I was also busy with my new little guy.  I ended up leaving my Radio Morning show job and going part time there, being with Renzo during the day.  I also started to do more with our Family Dance Studio; Learning Quick books and slowly learning more of the ins and outs of that business. And of course still teaching in the evenings. 
Once I got into a groove, I decided come March I would touch base with Diana to start focusing on my health. That way, I would finish my 12 weeks in time for our Annual Dance Recital and my Birthday (the Big 40, shhh)!  At this point, I was still breast feeding as much as I could, pumping lots, and using formula when needed. I made it to 6 months and then we officially changed to formula. 
I was extra excited to work with Diana this time, because my husband was joining me on this adventure! (My childhood friend Elena also began a program.)  It was SO nice having people to share this hard working journey with. And  I still loved being held accountable with my Diana check ins; it kept me on track!  
It took me awhile to adjust to the workouts because I hadn’t done strenuous exercise while pregnant, but once I started to feel stronger it felt so good I got even more motivated.  I had lot’s of cravings as my body adjusted to new pills after I stopped breast feeding (still dealing with that now)… but I felt great over all as the time went on. 
Anyway, before I got pregnant I decided that I refuse to accept that just because I have a baby and just because I am getting older I was allowed to let myself go. I wanted to be in the best shape I could be in to keep up with my baby. And I wanted to eat as healthy as I could, to have the energy I needed to keep up with him! Plus, down the road I want to be a good role model for him.  Well, it was fun to go through this journey with my husband and we plan to stick with the 80/20 eating and will continue to exercise to stay this way! I’m also thrilled I made it to my Happy place in time for our Recital and my “milestone” Birthday! 
Diana and Micah are very special people. Kind, patient, and inspiring!  You have changed my life in all good ways and I thank you for that once again!”
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