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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lose Weight Plan for Moms

Lose Weight Plan for Moms
Lose Weight Plan for Moms - Diana lost 8% body fat and 15 pounds with Hitch Fit!
Lose Weight Plan for Moms
I just love it when I have a client who I’ve crossed paths with in the past, and that is the case with Diana, who I met years ago when living in Park City, Utah! This mom of 2 reached out when she was having trouble losing weight and noticed the scale was creeping up and up on her, this happened especially after her son was diagnosed with autism. It was time to get things on track and take back control of her health and fitness goals, for herself and for her family. Diana got her eating on track and took the time to train and regain lost strength and muscle. Diana lost 8% body fat and nearly 15 pounds, but regained her confidence and strength! Awesome job Diana, I know you will inspire a lot of moms out there!
Diana’s Stats:
Starting weight: 149
Ending weight: 135.5
Starting body fat: 25.7%
Ending body fat: 17.47%
Diana’s Story:
Back in my early twenties I knew Diana when we both lived in Park City, Utah.  I didn’t know her well but recognized her a few years later when I came across Hitch Fit somehow and was amazed at how she had changed.  I liked their Facebook page and went on with my life.  I have always been active and enjoyed working out.  I really got into running and swimming when I lived in Maui for 8 years and I stayed in great shape.  Even when I was pregnant with my daughter I ran and swam through most of the pregnancy.   After having my daughter, I did manage to lose most of the weight.  Then after we moved back to Utah I started having back spasms and back and sciatica pain.  It was one of the hardest 9 months of my life.  I couldn’t run or exercise, I could barely walk, I had a severe herniated disk in my lower back.  Then the day before I had an appointment to find out about surgery the pain just disappeared.  I had been doing chiropractic work so I sure those helped but it was a small miracle for sure.  I didn’t gain much weight over those months but lost muscle and my stamina.
I got pregnant with my son a few months later and whenever I would try to exercise I would feel nausea.  So, I pretty much gave up and didn’t get much exercise other than walking with him.  He was a big boy weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces.  I had a very hard time losing the weight after having him.  I was able to run again and did several races and went to the gym but the weight wasn’t coming off like I wanted.  After noticing something wasn’t right with him we got a diagnosis of Autism right after he turned 3.  This threw our world into a spin and it was hard for me to carve out time for myself.  I did still run but nothing was happening, my jeans just kept getting tighter, and I was eating more sweets I think to deal with the stress.  So, I found that Hitch Fit website again and decided I was going to try it!  I took on the challenge right before the Christmas Holidays which was hard but I wanted to start before the New Year.
It wasn’t easy at first.  There is a learning curve but after two weeks it all starts to make sense and you develop a routine. I had to attend many holiday parties and the hardest part was not drinking.  I would just put club soda in a glass with a lemon or lime and people assumed I was drinking vodka!  I did have a few break-downs through the process but always started over and kept a positive attitude.  The food part was the hardest for me, I really enjoyed the workouts.  Yes, I had to wake up early before work but I got used to it and now can’t imagine not going.  Each week I saw a difference in my body some more than others, but I knew I was getting stronger and healthier.
I now have the knowledge and confidence to live a healthy life.  It was great to have the support of Diana through the whole process.  It makes me feel like you can really do anything you put your heart, mind, and soul into.  I would recommend Hitch Fit to anyone looking for a real change not something just temporary.  It changed my life and I now fit in jeans that I had boxed away thinking they would never fit again!

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