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Monday, July 10, 2017

Fit Dad Amazing Abs | 9 Years Later Update

adam-front-finalFit Dad Amazing Abs
I began my journey with hitchfit in 2007 and finished up in 2008.  Like many people after coming out of a rough patch of life 9 years ago.  I had always been passionate about fitness and an athlete but never had the knowledge to eat right and truly live a healthy lifestyle.
I became close friends with Micah during the process and as time passed we both grew as people and in our faith.  That’s the secret sauce as I see it with hitch fit.  They care. It’s not a canned email diet and workout.  It’s more than that.  I am the type of person that thrives with people like that around in my life.
In the last 9 years I have gone through ups and downs like everyone but I have kept close contact with Micah. Faith, Family, and Fitness are what matter to me.  I am blessed to be able to workout and be healthy and I now view it as something I do to make the most of my God Given Abilities.
When times get hard I have my faith, my family (which I consider Micah/Diana part of now),and my fitness.
Adam Shares His Story!!

The best example I can give is a personal experience I had this past fall.  I am someone that is 7 years sober and the day my mom passed I went to the gym after.  Not the bar.  It never even crossed my mind to to go any other place.
I hope this reaches anyone that needs to hear something like this and that you seek to make yourself experience true joy… because you deserve it.

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