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Monday, June 5, 2017

Today On Firefan! MLB and Did You Miss the NBA Finals Game 2?

Whooooweee! it has been a great week  of play on Firefan 
Hundreds of Thousands of sports enthusiasts worldwide are playing, winning and getting rewarded with points that can be redeemed for cool stuff! 

Okay let's take a look at today's lineup: 


The NBA On Firefan

The Warriors look like waaay too much for the Cavs so far in the finals, Buuuut lest we forget last year when the Bron' Bron' and company flipped the switch (and the defense) to complete a remarkable comeback to win it all. 
And here is the best part; you can win it all too. Download and play for a chance to win a pair of Stance Socks just like the pros

Download Free, Earn points and get into the game before Game 3 Wednesday Night. Click here to play. You can listen to the action  on ESPN live at http://www.ussportsradio.net 
Make it a great day and let's chat tomorrow! If you have any questions or comments regarding Firefan, feel free to leave them below

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