The Only 3 Arm Workouts You Need For Sexy Summer Arms (From
Looking for a way to sex up those arms without turning them into power-house muscles that don’t quite fit inside your t-shirt arms? These 3 moves are your ticket to sculpted beauty that says “Don’t mess with me”, but also looks amazing in a strapless dress.
Don’t be afraid to work on your arms! Strengthening those muscles does not automatically lead to hulk-like resemblances. Unless you are intending to become a body builder, keep it simple, and follow these basic workouts for slimmer, sexier arms this summer:

The Workouts

  1. Bench Press – Using a weight-lifting bench, lay down on your back, keeping both of your feet planted on the ground. Lift the bar containing your weights and start repetitions of pulling the bar down to your chest, then lifting to the sky. Twelve repetitions is ideal for building lean muscle, and use as much weight as you can handle. If it’s easy, it’s not helpful. Don’t forget to have someone spot you on this!
    Muscles worked: triceps and pectoral muscles.
  2. Push-ups – The is a classic exercise – and for good reason! Check out our blog post on how NOT to do push-ups to make sure you’re getting the best results from your work. Keep those arms and your body straight, and even put your feet up on a higher surface for more of a challenge! Not quite ready for the traditional pushup? Use the knee variation – just make sure to still keep that body and your arms in line.
    Muscles worked: triceps, anterior deltoids, and pectoralis major.
  3. Biceps Curl – Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart, and with the palms of your hands facing forward, bend your elbows, pulling the weights up toward shoulders. Five or eight-pound dumbells will do the trick, but keep in mind how much weight you likely carry around in a day. It’s likely you carry around a toddler or even 40 lbs of groceries in the house every week, so consider upping that dumbell weight. You’re stronger than you think!To kick this exercise up a notch, do repetitions in sevens, and vary the height of each rep. Start at the bottom and lift to halfway – so your arms end up at a 90 degree angle. Repeat 7 times. Next, lift from the halfway point up to your shoulders 7 times. Finally, do a full bicep curl from bottom to top 7 times.
    Muscles worked: Biceps
Keep up with these 3 stellar moves and your will be looking at some defined, sexy arms in no time!