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Thursday, June 8, 2017

NBA Finals Over? MLB Heating up? Today On Firefan!

Hello again! Time for another edition of Today on Firefan!
First off its looking like the NBA finals are coming to a swift end as Golden State's "SuperTeam" looks to sweep the Cavs in 4 games.
Buuuut sports don't always operate by the way it looks. It's not a matter of heart. You can't gauge heart. There is no stat category for heart. But we know from last season that "The Land" has it, can they turn it on and change the course of the finals once again? Remains to be seen.

Meanwhile prizes and rewards are being given to our players on Firefan. Including many more pairs of NBA Socks by Stance  Still a chance for you to get yours! Click here to download the app and play for FREE be sure that your rewards code: UsSports is entered to win. Let's get today's schedule. MLB is up!

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