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Thursday, September 24, 2015

GoPro: Todd Beamer High School Football

10 Tips To Know Before Attending Football Camps

  • By James Breland

1) Choose the camps that you attend wisely! If a school has genuine interest, you should definitely attend that camp. The worst mistake a prospect can make is not attending the camp of a school that has interest, while chasing a school that has shown zero interest.
2) When a coach asks your name or you introduce yourself, always say your first and last name clearly, state where you’re from, and what high school you attend. Make eye contact and give and give a firm handshake. Your introduction could be the way you set yourself apart from everyone else.
3) Have your transcripts and test score(s) on your phone, in case a coach asks for it. 
4.When participating in camp drills, be eager to take the initiative to do the drill first. Display leadership!
5. You can’t earn an offer if you don’t take reps or hang at the back of the line. Every opportunity you get a chance to get a rep, take advantage of it. 
6. Follow instructions. Don’t be that guy coming in and forget the drill instructions after 4 or 5 guys that have gone in front of you have done it. 
7. If you get injured at camp, don’t try to push through it to prove a point. 
8. Be sure to stretch and hydrate. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps, strains and pulls.
9. Stay on your feet!  Diving for balls is the quickest way to get yourself  hurt or someone else hurt. Great football players can practice and compete at a high level on their feet! If you do fall...get up quickly!
10.  Make sure you eat a good breakfast if you’re attending a morning session camp. Eating is fuel for your body.You don’t want to become sick because you haven’t eaten anything before you start.

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