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Saturday, November 27, 2021

CDM's FALL FESTIVAL 2021 RECAP and The Rock Almighty Shaker Of Heaven And Earth


by CDM Staff 
Girl in a jacket
“Jesus was certainly not left out of this festival. He was there directing us through His Holy Spirit.” – Pastor John Carr

Fall is a natural time of reaping in joy what has been sown and produced during the year. This year’s Fall Festival, sponsored by the World Changer’s Church International (WCCI) Children’s Ministry, was precisely that—a joyful event for the community to enjoy after dealing with the pandemic over the past two years. One may ask, what is a Fall Festival? Why does it even exist? According to Pastor Jon Carr, WCCI’s Children’s Ministry Director, the event is an alternative to celebrating Halloween. Many families, including Pastor Carr’s, participated in Halloween and trick or treating during their childhood. However, once he became a parent and grew in his Christian faith, he wanted an alternative to worldly Halloween festivities for his own children. WCCI created its Fall Festival as an alternative to what the world has to offer. The overarching goal is to give families and children in our community an enjoyable activity to participate in at this time of year.

Girl in a jacket

COVID-19 caused many events to be modified or canceled last year. The Fall Festival was the Children’s Ministry’s first in-person community outreach event since the beginning of the pandemic, and they began preparing about two months ahead. Behind the scenes, many of the supplies were backordered or out of stock, so things had to be ordered or made by the Children’s Ministry volunteers. They were excited to host this year’s festival as a walkable event to allow people to interact with friends, family, and other attendees. It was nice to be able to change the atmosphere of the WCCI parking lot from the “rush, rush, rush” of before and after service times, to one of festivity. Many people expressed their happiness in enjoying the fun and games with others and not in isolation. Some indicated that it was nice to get out, walk around, and be active since they have been inside for so long. Pastor Carr was even able to rack up 19,000 steps walking around the festival!

Girl in a jacket

This event also served as a ministry outreach. We had one-on-one conversations with participants, encouraging them to come back and join us for Sunday service the next day. Ministry doesn’t stop amidst the fun. Two of our volunteers had the chance to lead one of the event’s contractors to the Lord, making this year’s festival even more impactful!

“I enjoyed watching everyone have fun, enjoying their families and the entire festive environment.”
Girl in a jacket

The ministry was able to move beyond having a drive-through event this year. They’d planned to be outside to allow people to walk around and experience the occasion with their families. Though the weather is always a concern at this time of year, Pastor Carr and the team of volunteers believed God for perfect weather for the event. However, “God saw fit for it to rain.” Despite the light rain, over 1,500 participants showed up! There was not one dull moment, with lots of games, prizes, and activities for everyone to enjoy, including bowling, hula hoops, and other entertainment. There were bubble performers, stilt walkers, costumed characters, and even a Car Decorating Contest. It was indeed a magical experience to pull up at the festival and witness jugglers on unicycles and actual bubbles in the air. Who doesn’t enjoy sweet treats? Of course, there were plenty of those to go around. All attendees received prizes and candy. They were the “icing on the cake” for the festival experience.

Girl in a jacket

The police and fire departments of the City of South Fulton joined the festivities and engaged with the crowd. They had fire trucks and police cars on display, and Pastor Carr appreciated the opportunity for the community to see them in a way that was neither confrontational nor filled with fear. The officers and firemen shook hands with the attendees, as well as took photos with them. They also passed out treats.

Girl in a jacket

Pastor Carr wants to give a big shout-out and lots of gratitude to the 45 volunteers that served the event in one capacity or another. We also thank the WCCI Children’s Ministry team and its leaders for your ideas and creativity. This event was definitely a team effort, and no action was too small. We know that many of you worked tirelessly to plan, set up, or provide clean-up for this event, and we don’t take your support lightly. We humbly and heartily say, “Thank you!” We could not have done it without your hands as a labor of love for our community. Over 1,600 bags of candy were packaged and distributed to children at the Fall Festival.

We look forward to next year’s Fall Festival and know that it will be even better! We are a church community that loves, serves, and gives because that’s what Jesus did. We are all part of His community—we are in this together, making an impact and making a difference. Together, we are all #World Changers!

Girl in a jacket

College Football Roundup Presented on US Sports Net By CoachTube Featuring: #3 Alabama vs Auburn 4 OT Thriller!

 It was an insane game between the two rivals, which ended up needing 4 overtimes to decide a winner.

Video from the Wheels Channel

CoachTube is about giving every athlete in the world access to the instruction, knowledge, and the motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes and students. We do this by providing access to online training from the world’s best coaches. These lessons are available on-demand, so that students can learn when and where it’s convenient for them. Learn more.......

Receiver Catching Ball


Alabama Offensive Breakdown 2.0

by Football For Coaches
Alabama Offensive Breakdown 2.0


Alabama Offensive Breakdown 2.0 is an in-depth study on the Alabama 2019 Offense and how Nick Saban has adjusted and modernized his offense.

Bama had one of the most talented and diverse receiving core in the nation and this course dives deep into how they used it within the Tide’s offense.

While watching through the 2019 season it was surprising to find the different amount of trick plays that the Tide used as well as the amount of Spread Formations.

This is not the same 12 personnel run-heavy style that had been a staple of a Nick Saban team.

This study also takes an in-depth look into Bama’s red zone tendency and schemes that they implemented to finish drives.

This Study will show an in-depth look into the Bama Offense with the use of All-22 Film.

You will learn...

  • Creative trick play concepts Alabama utilized that you can implement into your offense. 
  • The use of unique formations that gave Bama the numbers and leverage to win before the snap.
  • A diverse run game focused on dominating the opposition with speed and power.
  • Alabama’s goalline strategy used to maximize points and efficiency so that you can win both the long and short game.
  • How to enhance a diverse and deep wide receiver group so that it is a weapon of the offense.
  • Shot Concepts that Bama used break the will of opponents as they stretch the field vertically.

You will also see the detailed All-22 film from both the endzone and the sideline angles to help you better understand the whys and hows of each play and each player's individual technique.

This is a can't miss course that will help give you the strategies of the Top D1 offensive coaches at Alabama. 

Grab both now and start your learning! Book this course.......

The Coach


Football For Coaches

Helping coaches FIND their passion. Build a TEAM. And CHANGE their future

Coach Endsley has experience as a High School Head Coach, Collegiate Offensive Coordinator, Run Game Coordinator, and Offensive Line Coach. While the Offensive Coordinator at Dakota Wesleyan University, Coach Endsley utilized a high level RPO System leading to one of the top passing attacks in the NAIA. As a High School Head Coach he utilized a similar system to break several school passing records.

At Dakota Wesleyan Coach Endsley shattered the school record for Total Yards & Passing yards in a game. Before Dakota Wesleyan, he also coached Offensive Line at Eastern Oregon University as well as being a Head Coach at the High School level at Lake Roosevelt High School, where his team broke several Offensive Records. Endsley has coached two AFCA All-American Offensive Linemen along with six All-Conference Offensive Linemen in both the Frontier Conference and the GPAC Conference. Along with that he was a Run Game Coordinator for a top-25 Rushing Team in the nation. 

Coach Endsley Coaching Experience:

-Assistant Coach- University of South Dakota - 2020-Present

-Offensive Coordinator, OL/TE Coach |Dakota Wesleyan University| 2018-2020

-Offensive Line Coach |Eastern Oregon University|2017-2018

-Head Football Coach |Lake Roosevelt High School| 2015–2017

-NFL Combine Preparation Coach |APX Strength| 2015– 2017

-Offensive Line Academy |Complete Athlete|2015–2017

In 2018, Endsley’s first year at Dakota Wesleyan, he coordinated an offense that ranked in the top-20 in total passing yards and broke the school single game record for total offense (822 yards), passing yards (510) and first downs (45). Endsley coached Trevor Wietzema, an AFCA All-American First-Team offensive lineman. In his first season, the Dakota Wesleyan offense featured six All-Conference players.

He coached an Offensive Line group that led Eastern Oregon University to top-25 offensive rankings in the NAIA, while coaching two All-Conference First-Team performers on the offensive line. Before coaching at EOU, Endsley was the head coach at Lake Roosevelt High School in Grand Coulee, Wash. He coached eight All-Central Washington First-Team athletes on offense and five All-Central Washington First-Team performers on defense.

Accomplishments & Accolades:

-NAIA National Top 20 Passing Yards Per Game 2018 |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-NAIA National Top 25 Rushing Yards Per Game 2017 |Run Game Coordinator-Eastern Oregon University|

-DWU Single Game Record for Total Offensive Yards: 822 Yards |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-DWU Single Game Record for Passing Yards: 510 Yards|Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-DWU Single Game Record for First Downs: 45 |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-Coached AFCA All-American Offensive Line x 2

-Coached GPAC All-Conference Players x 8

Book this course today!

Friday, November 26, 2021

The Kingdom Philosophy of Servant Leadership and Gain respect and trust with the Servant Leadership mindset

 This teaching is from the series entitled Servant Leadership available on our Munroe Global Media app and website.

Servant Leadership Titles: 1. The Kingdom Philosophy of Servant Leadership 2. The Leadership Philosophy for National Leaders 3. The Mandate of Servant Leadership 4. The Key To Successful Leadership Succession

Gain respect and trust with the Servant Leadership mindset

  • Author Crystal Fisher

Joining an organization where you are expected to manage an established team can be difficult. You are often battling bias, skepticism, and maybe even resentment. Not to mention, you may be competing with the glorified memory of the previous manager or are now managing a team member who also applied for your position. All that to say, that 9 times out of 10, the cards are stacked against you when you walk into a situation like this. So how do you overcome the beginning awkwardness and difficulties to create a cohesive team that wants to work with you? The first thing to recognize is that respect and trust take time to build. It will not happen overnight. It must be earned. And one of the best ways to do this is by adopting the Servant Leadership style of managing. This method can be an effective way to increase morale, collaboration, and productivity – by prioritizing the individuals rather than the company at large. Simply put, this approach can go a long way towards establishing the respect and trust of your team.

The term Servant Leadership was first coined in the 70s and remains a relevant hot topic in today’s business world. A great book that really goes into depth on this concept is “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek, and I highly recommend checking it out. But for now, here are 5 ways to implement this strategy:

  1. Establish credibility

First things first – Only speak authoritatively on topics of which you have experience or knowledge. The “fake it until you make it” mantra is not a good one to have when you are joining a new team, especially if they have been working in the space longer than you. Remember that you don’t have to be an expert on everything (that’s why you have a team!). It is your job as a leader to understand each team member’s strengths, and by showing compassion and sharing your expectations, you’ll establish a solid foundation.

  1. Use the “royal we”

You have probably heard the phrase “praise in public, criticize in private.” While this is an important tactic to adopt, it is even more critical that your team knows that you have their backs. Using language like “we” and “us” when presenting new directives or in taking negative feedback from the bigger organization will further enforce that feeling of togetherness. By fostering collaboration among the team members, you convey the message that “we succeed together, and we grow together.”

  1. Be willing to get your hands dirty

The greatest way to earn respect and trust is by showing your team that you aren’t afraid to do the hard work. Break down the construct that leaders sit in ivory towers and only bark orders. Your willingness to work alongside them occasionally will further enforce the idea that you have their backs and that you understand the work they are doing. Empathy goes a long way in building a relationship.

  1. Pump the breaks on the toxic positivity

Sure, creating a positive environment directly leads to having a healthy team morale. However, it must be authentic and takes time to create. Team members want to feel supported, heard, and valued. This cannot be accomplished by simply bringing donuts in on Fridays and keeping a smile plastered on your face during each conversation. If the effort is disingenuous then every small act will be interpreted as a poor attempt to “buy loyalty” and have the team skeptical of your true motives.

  1. Don’t make drastic changes too early

Finally, it is important to recognize the established culture of the team. It may be toxic or different than you are used to, and you may have even been hired to change it. However, it is important to understand the underlying reasons of the culture. Coming in and changing things too quickly can be perceived as an “outsider” trespassing in an area they don’t belong. This can create a wedge of “us” versus “them” mentality and undermine any progress or trust that may have started to develop. When it is time to implement a change, be sure to communicate the “why” behind the decision and gather feedback and ideas on how the change can be rolled out successfully. Remember, your team wants to feel included and heard.

While there is certainly no singular way to manage, this is one philosophy that has been extensively researched in Forbes and adopted by major companies such as Google and Starbucks. Being a leader is often a delicate tight rope act and not for the faint of heart, as you may be dealing with multiple personalities and stylistic differences. It may be appropriate to change management styles, depending on the situation. However, mastering the art of relationship building and Servant Leadership is will prove to be beneficial in every job market.

Crystal Fisher is a Nashville-based freelance content writer with a voracious appetite for adventure. She has spent the entirety of her adult life dedicated to humanitarianism and feeding the soul through writing, traveling, and working for various non-profit organizations. She has 14 years of progressive management experience and enjoys mentoring others.

Live Streams and Breaking Sports News Presented on US Sports Net By CoachTube


How To Become The Most Feared Offensive Lineman In Your League

While there’s nothing glamorous about being an offensive lineman, it is a position that allows you to be aggressive and physical every single play.

There’s nothing better than dominating another player in a man-to-man matchup, driving him into the ground as your running back sprints untouched through the epic hole you just created.

This position isn’t easy. To be a great offensive lineman, you need strength. You need agility and finesse. And you need more tenacity than every other position combined.

Here are 4 ways to become the most feared offensive lineman in your league.

1. Improve Your Stance

The key to determining who wins the battle between the offensive and defensive lineman is the first step. To achieve the quickest first step, your stance needs to be constructed in a way that allows your body to quickly react.

Since the center is in charge of assessing the defense and snapping the ball, his stance requires feet shoulder width apart and even with each other.

Guards and tackles will have a stance where feet are still shoulder width apart, but slightly staggered, meaning the outside foot will be farther back than the inside foot. The outside foot should be positioned so that the toe is aligned with the heel of the inside foot. This allows for a quick reaction, either backwards for pass blocking or forward for run blocking.

In certain situations, depending on the coaches’ preference, one hand may be on the ground in a 3-point stance, which is used mainly for run blocking scenarios since it allows you to be the “lower man.”  In pass blocking situations, it is common for the inside hand to be on your thigh while your outside hand is in a “ready to strike” position.

Correct stance posture is essential to determine the strength of your base of support. No one will be able to push you around when your base is strong.

2. Master Your Footwork

A great lineman not only has a lot of power, he also has feet that are as delicate as a ballerina… albeit a very large ballerina.

As we mentioned before, the first step is often the key in determining who wins the battle. Quick feet are essential for getting your hands on the defense before they reach you, getting into an effective pass blocking position, and running out in front of your running backs and quarterback to clear those smaller defensive backs out of their way.

To improve the quickness of your feet, there are a variety of advanced linemen techniques that can be utilized, the most common being running footwork drills through a rope ladder. Setting up cones and running drills like the shuttle run also improve feet dexterity. Make your feet quicker and you become more dangerous.

3. Learn the Power of Leverage

Arguably one of the most important characteristics of a dominant offensive lineman is his ability to consistently gain leverage on his opponents.

Leverage gives even the smallest lineman the ability to put a large defender on his back. In a run-blocking situation, the lowest man always wins. When a lineman gets under the pads of his opponent, he has the leverage to move the defense in any direction, and 9 times out of 10, he’ll win the play.

Gaining leverage requires an offensive lineman to be able to fire out of his stance quickly AND with accuracy. It requires frequent repetition, which is why most offensive line coaches start each practice by having their players practice exploding from their stance into practice dummies.

To practice firing off low, coaches often have players practice under a chute, which is a contraption that does not allow the player to stand up. The more practice under the chute, the more accustomed you get to staying low on the field. With the proper usage of speed, power, and leverage, you will be an unstoppable force.

4. Gain Physical and Mental Toughness

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of an offensive lineman is toughness. To be completely dominant, it is essential that you be the toughest person on the field.

The offensive line is a violent position that requires physical and mental toughness every single play. A running back, quarterback, and wide receiver can get away with not touching a single defensive player on some plays, but an offensive lineman`s sole responsibility is to engage with the opponent play after play.

Being physically tough is the combination of strength and aggressiveness that translates into shear power on the field. Being physically tough is earned in the weight room and out on the practice field.

Being mentally tough is the ability to overcome fatigue play after play and to out-will your opponent over the course of the game. It's the ability to follow through on your assignment every single play. There is no limit on your mental toughness. You can be as tough as you want to be and there is no such thing as being “too mentally tough”.

They Will Fear You

For a player, the offensive line is one of the most exciting positions on the field. There is nothing more satisfying than being dominant on the O-line.

If you consistently improve your stance, master your footwork, utilize leverage, and increase your toughness, you WILL be feared on the gridiron this fall.

Never stop working. Never stop getting better.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

US Sports Baseball Featuring: Strength and Conditioning For Baseball Players


Strength and Conditioning For Baseball Players


Need help conditioning your athletes to peak performance? Then you've come to the right place! In this course, DJ Edwards reveals different strength and conditioning philosophies you need to know to make your athletes stronger and faster. He even gets into different arm care and biomechanics. Book this course.....

Master Softball

The Coach

DJ Edwards | Push Performance

DJ is the Owner and Director of Push Performance. He played college baseball at Metro State University and has his Performance Enhancement Specialist and the United States Weight Lifting Certification. 

DJ has developed many programs for a wide range of elite athletes. He uses his knowledge in corrective exercise, flexibility limitations, and biomechanics to develop personalized programs for each client. 

He has developed the Elite Baseball Program and has had 11 Colorado baseball players drafted including three in the top three rounds. DJ also works with a handful of professional baseball athletes out of state in the Push Performance Satellite Program. 

He has worked with over 100 baseball players at all levels in this program. DJ has also worked with multiple NFL and college football athletes. DJ not only works with high-level athletes but also with active adults and the general fitness population. Book this course today!

Happy Thanksgiving from US Sports Network! Today's Live Streams Featuring Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys (Live Radio Stream)


Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys (4pm EST)

Brent Musburger and Lincoln Kennedy with Tim Cates, In-Studio Host

Click here to listen live

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The StrengthCast Power Show: Triphasic Sport Specific Coaches Certification

 Triphasic Sport Specific Coaches Certification

Triphasic Sport Specific Coaches Certification


Triphasic Training one of the most widely Sports training system in the world currently. The Triphasic system became mainstream five years ago and had changed the Sports world and various training concepts within the performance community.  This certification has the Triphasic Training: A Systematic approach to elite speed and explosive Strength Performance Book and 12 hours of lectures with two exams on the Triphasic Training System. Book this course.....

The Coach


Cal Dietz

Strength and Human Performance Coach, Sport Science Consultant

Cal Dietz has been an Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. During his tenure, Dietz has trained athletes that have achieved 540+ All-American honors, 11 NCAA Team National Champions, Teams that have won 34 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams, 29 Big Ten/WCHA Conference tournaments, 22 NCAA Final Four appearances,  He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA and Professional Boxing.

Cal Dietz has been the Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. Since Dietz’s return to Minnesota he has developed the Strength and Conditioning Programs and over seen the daily progress in Men’s Hockey from 2000-present, Men’s’ Basketball from 2004-2010, Women’s Hockey from 2003-present, Men’s Golf from 2000-present, Men’s Swimming from 2000-Present, Track and Field from 2000-present, Baseball from 2000-present, and Wrestling from 2000 to 2004. During his tenure, Dietz has trained: a Hobey Baker Award winner, two Big Ten Athletes of the Year, athletes that have achieved 400+ All-American honors, 30 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams and 7 NCAA Team Champions, and 13 teams finish in the top four in the nation. He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and Professional Boxing.

 Also, during his time at the university help founded and chairs the Sport Biomechanics Interest Group with its purpose to explore the physiological and biomechanical aspects of advanced human performance encompassing the various aspects of kinesiology, biomechanics, neuro-mechanics and physics.  This will be achieved by utilizing extensive research theories and applied knowledge in the multi-disciplinary field of human performance. Utilizing through a collaborative effort which involving numerous professional perspectives from diverse areas of academia such also include professionals from Mechanical engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Orthopedics, and Physiology.  Dietz is also a member of the Gender Equity Committee at the University of Minnesota and currently represents the University as a member of the Big Ten committee to develop performance enhancing policy for anabolic and ergogenic aids.

Prior to returning to Minnesota, Dietz was the strength coordinator at The University of Findlay, overseeing 26 men’s and women’s sports, in addition to coordinating the university’s fitness center, coaching the offensive line with the football program and teaching strength and conditioning classes. He is no stranger to Minnesota athletics after serving as a graduate assistant strength coach while pursuing his graduate degree. During this time Dietz was the first assistant to football and assisted with a Majority of Olympic Sports. Book this course today! 

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