The art of the `Mid Pick and Roll`

by Coach Liam Flynn


Teaching PNR Offence that attacks EVERY type of defence.
In this video, I explain the concept of how we use the Pick and Roll in the middle of the floor (Mid PNR) as a method for creating advantages on offence. Specifically, I detail the way I teach players to set up their defender prior to the Pick and roll, different ways to attack all types of defensive coverages, as well as, how all five players react off the ball before and after the screen. Book this course.....

The Coach

-  International Experience - NBA Consultant, Coach in the German Bunderliga, Chinese CBA and New Zealand NZNBL
-  Six years of coaching experience in Australian First division (NBL)
-  Fifteen years of coaching experience in Australian Second Division
-  Twenty Years Coaching experience at Junior Elite Level in Australia
-  Masters in Sports Coaching (University of Queensland).
-  Coach Educator and Clinician
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