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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Tactical Bodyweight Workouts Presents Police Activity Featuring: Police Chase and Baby Held Hostage

This video [below] contains unedited police interactions that is shown for documentary purposes of a newsworthy event. It is left unedited so that people may understand what actually happened in this event. It may contain graphic video and/or audio. Viewer discretion is advised. LITTLE ROCK — The Little Rock Police Department has released new dashcam video of the pursuit and standoff between a man and Little police that occurred on Dec. 19. According to police, 43-year-old Farris Deloney fired shots in a West Little Rock Walmart parking lot after arguing with his girlfriend. Then he drove off with their one-year-old baby. Police chased Deloney to Crystal Hill Road. As officers approached his vehicle, he threatened to kill himself. Minutes later, police were able to get the baby out of the car and Deloney surrendered to police. He was arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. Police say Deloney has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Revolutionary Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Provides A Simple Bodyweight-Training Blueprint to Help You Gain Strength, Boost Power, and Rebuild Your Body 

Image result for Police Chase and Baby Held Hostage

World’s Greatest Military Operators and Law Enforcement Professionals Reveal the Secret Bodyweight-Only Training System Used By Elite Tactical Athletes

TO: 👊🎖️Military Operators, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Prepared Citizens Serious About Building Tactical Muscle

RE: 💪Special Report by Joseph Arangio, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach

Domestic Violence In California.

By: Francis K. Githinji

Hey there,do you know something? domestic violence in California is actually on the rise. It is a cause of concern for any peace loving and law abiding citizen. Posters, media coverage, fact sheets, brochures for victims, sample resolutions and other resources available should be used to call attention to this mind destroying and heart wrecking crime. Stalking is just one way of abuse under the umbrella of domestic violence in California. It usually breeds from intimate partner obsession.

The California Penal Code defines abuse as intentional,reckless cause or attempt to cause bodily harm to oneself,or another. Having understood what abuse is we can easily clarify domestic violence in California.

Domestic violence in California is a case of abuse where intimate partners violate the right of their spouses, through physical assault,rape and stalking. Domestic violence often involves a pattern of coercive behavior that includes physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse and usually occurs inside and outside homes. A study carried out about domestic violence in California reports show that in in the first half of this decade, about half of victims of domestic violence were killed by their spouses, a percentage of them were injured and other statistics show many of them visited emergency unit with severe injuries.

The study methodology employed to research on domestic violence in California involve recent national crime victimization survey, number of arrests, medical reports in hospitals that is direct medical care and and mental health services and finally help-lines.

Domestic violence in California registered several calls for assistance in the last ten years. California law enforcement agencies received close to two hundred thousands domestic violence calls.. Which features intimate partner homicide rates by gender, race and ethnicity. Gender on itself is a main issue since Survey indicates that women are six times more vulnerable to domestic violence than men.In the last two years a good number of women were killed by their husbands, ex-husbands or boyfriends in California and and less than a quarter of men compared to women were killed by their wives, ex-wives or girlfriends.

Domestic violence in California is reducing judged by the number of arrests recorded by California Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Statistics Center. Comparing domestic violence in California in 2006 and 2005 its shows the figures are actually not improving but worsening. From the studies it is clear and evident that four times the number of women are buttered compared to men.

The cause of domestic partner violence in California is in a broad spectrum since the involved parties are intimate and disagree in several areas since the greater the bond the more intensive the emotions. The aggrieved partner is driven by frustration and anger to cause bodily harm to himself or the partner by use of weapons, which include firearms, knives and or guns.

The rise in domestic violence in California is overstretching the state's health resources and facilities. The states reports on the health care costs of intimate partner violence is around six billion us dollar each year, slightly more than a half of this money is for direct medical and mental health care services.

Domestic violence in California is a food for thought and intensive campaign is essential to control it. Unfortunately its targeted towards women who form the basis of a family hence they form the cornerstone of the state's stability in terms of social, political, and economic development.

The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with Holy Danger

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Come Closer!

Adapted from the resource Hearing from God Each Morning Devotional - by Joyce MeyerNot everyone is willing to pay the price required to be close to God. Not everyone is willing to simply take the time required or make the investments needed for spiritual growth.
God doesn’t ask for all of our time. He certainly wants us to do things we don’t consider “spiritual.” He designed us with bodies, souls (minds, wills, and emotions), and spirits, and He expects us to take care of all these areas.
Exercising our bodies and caring for our souls takes time and effort. Our emotions need to be ministered to; we need to have fun and be entertained, and we need to enjoy being with other people. Our minds need to grow and be renewed daily. In addition, we have a spiritual nature that needs attention. To stay balanced and healthy, we must take time to take care of our entire being.
I believe the whole issue of intimacy with God is a matter of time. We say we don’t have time to seek God, but the truth is that we take time to do the things that are most important to us.
Even though we all have to fight distractions every day, if knowing God and hearing from Him is important to us then we will find time to do it. Don’t try to work God into your schedule, but instead work your schedule around time with Him.
Getting to know God is a long-term investment, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get instant results. Be determined to honor Him with your time and you will reap the benefits.

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Jess Duplantis Featuring: Jesse Duplantis | The Reason for Christmas Part 1 and Part 2 and Can Buddhists Celebrate Christmas?

Jesse Duplantis Ministries with Jesse Duplantis Known throughout the world as the “Apostle of Joy,” Jesse Duplantis has been sharing his memorable mix of strong, biblical preaching and hilarious life lessons every week on TBN for years. His unique way of ministering the Gospel and making Jesus “real” to all generations has made him one of the most loved ministers today. For years Jesse has been told his “uncommon straightforwardness and humor cuts through regular religion!” Strong Bible-believing Christians and people who haven’t yet decided where they stand with God tune in to watch Jesse on TBN. Why? It’s not just because his humor lightens their hearts, it’s because of his clear and simple approach to the Gospel. Jesse is a true evangelist and revivalist who reaches the “unreachable” and rekindles the fire in believers. We invite you to tune in whenever you need a touch from God—or even just a “face lift” for your soul! Jesse’s joy is contagious and you will be uplifted by his anointed message of faith and encouragement every week on TBN

Can Buddhists Celebrate Christmas?
By: Joshua Smith

A Buddhist Christmas may sound like a contradiction, but only if you focus on the differences and not the underlying theme. I know many Buddhist monks who celebrate the spirit of Christmas, I am one of them.

In Japan, the majority of people are Buddhist and Shinto, with Christianity at around 1%. Unlike some other Asian countries that have been influenced by a period of western domination, such as Hong Kong, Japan in general embraces the secular activities of Christmas such as decorating the house with lights, Christmas trees, and gift-giving. However, it is more of a couple's holiday than a family one.

I have found that most Buddhists, including monks, in Japan do not seem to have anything against the holiday. Another monk I know who is somewhat famous for his severe training rituals surprised me when he said that every year he dresses up as Santa and gives out presents at his children's school.

This Shingon Buddhist monk said that, "I understand the Bible and its teachings as parables. The myths and legends within Buddhism are the same, they are there to guide people in the right direction and spread peace. This was Jesus' goal and there should be no reason not to celebrate and emulate that. Jesus saw the purity in people with great clarity."

Hotei the Laughing Buddha and Santa"

Many people have seen the Jolly Laughing Buddha Hotei with his pot belly hanging out and bag of presents for people. Hotei is said to have been a real person by the name of Bodaishi and was the incarnation of Maitreya.

He is said to feed children in need and families who are down on their luck. You can often see him at restaurants as the protector of the store, because it is their job to feed society. Hotei is said to bring good luck and fortune and is one of the 7 Lucky Gods.

Some have claimed that he is treated like a Santa Claus by parents in Japan, but I have never really seen this before. A Buddha yes, and someone to look up to with aspirations of giving to the needy, but he doesn't have a sleigh and children don't lie awake wondering what he has brought them. The story of Hotei the Smiling Buddha is probably closer to the original old St. Nick stories.

So, is there such a thing as a Buddhist Christmas? The answer lies in whether that person decides to participate in the festivities. There are no formal rituals like in the Christian tradition, but the spirit of Christmas, togetherness, and giving can be appreciated. If only this feeling would last all year round. The spirit of Christmas and unity can very easily be found in many Buddhist parables as well.
Part 1                                                        Part 2

CoachTube Football Presents This ACC Update on US Sports Net Featuring: Texas A&M vs. NC State Gator Bowl Highlights (2018)

Texas AandM vs. NC State: The Wolfpack lost to Aggies 52-13 in the 2018 Gator Bowl. [Video and More Below] NC State failed to convert a 3rd down and gave up 45 consecutive points after taking a 13-7 lead. Texas AandM running back Trayveon Williams set a Gator Bowl record with 236 rushing yards to go along with his 3 touchdowns. Wolfpack senior quarterback Ryan Finley ended the night 19-32 for 139 yards passing and a touchdown. NC State senior running back Reggie Gallaspy ran for 79 yards on 14 carries.

Presented by CoachTube Football!


The Direct Snap Package

The single wing offense remains one of the most effective and dangerous schemes in football, and this course will take you deep inside the nuts and bolts of what makes it work.
Coach Jerry Sarchet takes you through one of his most fundamental series of plays, the direct snap package.
This course covers topics including:
- Maximizing your personnel in the direct snap package
- Using traditional blocking schemes in the direct snap package
- Formations that compliment one another
- Adding gadget plays
- Complete with game film cut ups!
Don't wait, this course will double in price soon, so book it now!
Jerry SarchetHead Football Coach at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School (VA)
Coach Sarchet joined JP in 2011. 
A former football player himself at Capital University in Ohio, Coach Sarchet has 15 years of football coaching experience. 
Prior to John Paul he served as an assistant coach in North Carolina before being named Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at the Avalon School in Maryland. 
Coach Sarchet served as an officer in the United States Army prior to entering teaching. He currently serves as a US History Teacher. Book this course......

Happy New Year From HitchFit! Kick It Off With Our Inspiration Wall!

Hitch Fit Inspirational Wall

We wanted to do something that was super impacting and share with you How Hitch Fit has inspired so many around the World! We work so hard each and every day to not only make the most out of our lives but also out of yours. Much of my energy comes from your support as my constant inspiring may help you better yourself. Please email me or comment if you would like to share your thoughts and be apart of this inspirational wall
Again thank you so much everyone for your words. They mean the world to us!
Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux
Hitch Fit
“I’ve been blessed to have a chance to not only know Micah as a friend, but as someone who inspires ME in soo many ways and I love that we share the same passion for fitness and helping people. He inspires me as a fitness expert, trainer, motivator, business man, life coach, friend, and mostly for using his strengths and talent to help people become their absolute BEST!”
Heidi Inthavong- 29
Kansas City, Mo.
Micah is truly passionate about the mental and physical health of his clients. I have yet to meet someone who is so dedicated to what he or she does.
J.T Quick- 31
Kansas City, Mo
Hitch Fit Transformation
Micah does an outstanding job by setting an example not only for his clients but for the general public. His passion for what he does shows in his dedication to his clients, and his healthy, fit lifestyle. He’s one who absolutely cares about his clients and people in general. Trainers who care make things happen, and continue to train themselves with knowledge to give the best service possible. That’s Micah!

Dave Drimmel-26
Overland Park, Ks.
Just by showing that you get positive results, by being in the gym is where you get results and eating right , lifestyle. You help me motivate by looking at the transformations as well and you seem to always have a positive attitude everyday all day ,also your videos of you in action is very inspiring and you are also a very happy man with Diana
Rebecca Smith-27
Oklahoma City, Ok.
Even though I’m not a client, you and Diana have helped me, through reading your articles that you post. The two articles that stood out to me the most though was the one about the effects of soda, even the diet ones. I was a fan of diet sodas, have about one a day. After reading that, I totally stopped drinking them. It’s been about 5 months maybe since then, and without the sodas, I’ve gone down 10 lbs of body fat! 🙂
The other article that stood out to me was “Letting Go In 2009.” I’ve gone through soo much crap this past year alone, and believe it or not, I’ve read that piece SEVERAL times, never fails to tell me that there’s still hope in everything else.
Thank you Micah, and Diana too, for everything that you guys do!
Marie Garcia-30
San Antonio, Tx.
I use to party alot drink alot n it drained me, fogged my clear thinking. Reading about the obstacles you have faced in life has motivated me to clear my head. Alcohol is toxic. I’m going back to school to go from my lpn to RN. Now I just need to get on motivating myself physically thanks for all your blogs n updates that remind every day we have that choice in life to decide how we treat the only body God gave us
Mandy Bennet-31
Elizabethtown, KY
I am not a client nor have I met face to face with Micah “HitchFit” LaCerte, but I am inspired often with his messages of hard work, enthusiasm and reflection. His wisdom steps beyond fitness of the body and taps into fitness of the mind. I am privileged to be his online ‘friend’. Although we may never meet, his efforts, word, and hard work helping others demonstrates his caring…which is the truest definition of coach, and better yet, friend.
Darrius Price-34
Los Angeles, CA
Crossing paths with Micah has been life changing for me! Thank you truly for your PASSION, wisdom, leadership, motivation, genuineness and dedication in what you do. The positive impact you have made and continue to make in this world is second to none…
Chad J. Merrill (Chaddy Chad)- 28
Kansas City, Mo.
I was going to take a nap ,but looking at the transformations on your page changed my mind. Im going to the gym! thanks for inspiring me!
Mandy Raulerson-29
Norfolk, VA.
What really stands out about you is your integrity! I know I have said this before and will probably say this to you many more times. I was so impressed when I read your post how you turned down modeling for some sort of ab gadget because you don’t get abs. by exercising 30 minutes on whatever type of equip. it was. You said it takes discipline and hard work and you didn’t do the commercial!!! Not only do I recommend you (yep you’re on my list, if you have that kind of integrity, I know you will do right by others) when I have someone ask me to mention trainers to work with. But I think of what you said on those days I just don’t feel like crawling out of bed for cardio–it takes hard work and dedication to make it, so thank you :)! Have a great day!
ps, I thought of how you prepared for this latest competition you did, just how you battled an infection and kept going, what a trooper you! Even when I read on your website how you fought back after a car accident was it? You’re just an inspiration all around Micah!
Battle Creek, Michigan
Although I am not yet a client, you and Diana both have encouraged me to start working out again. Your comments, post and videos have inspired me to want more out of life. Now I not only want to look better, but I want to feel better. I’m eating healthier and living a more active lifestyle. Thanks to both of you.
Garland Richardson-
Alexandria, LA

I lost my house in 08 to water and we spent the whole summer rebuilding. No time to work out or eat right. When we moved in I got your request on myspace in 1-09 and it was just what I needed to get my self back in gear. When I read your personal story about your down times, I could totally relate. thanks to you, my work outs are steady and I have my muscle back, lean and busy.
Thanks Micah.
Jody Swiersz-Kavanaugh
Micah…your words of inspiration and motivation are so meaningful and sincere not only because they obviously are coming from a man who knows precisely what he is talking about with regards to every aspect of health, fitness, diet and exercise…but because they are coming from a person who truly CARES about each and every one of his clients. You can’t fake that type of concern or joy or pride that you express every single time you help your clients achieve their lifelong goals.
Elda Youash Peters-40
San Antonio, Tx.
Your program helped me go from 35 units of insulin per day to ZERO in 6 weeks.
Timothy Gee- 40, Hitch Fit Client
Kansas City, Mo.
Micah, to me you are the epitome of “fitness”. You not only live it and breath it, but do so with so much passion and integrity. Your approach to coaching others (even those of us that you do not know) is so infectious, one cannot help but be inspired. What you do and the way you live is a choice, and you chose every day to lead the best life possible, which in turn, inspires those around you. You definitely “walk the talk”.. (and always seem to be photo shoot ready too, which is very cool!!)
Darci Kereluik Wysiecki
Calgary, AB
M – Motivational
I- Inspirational
C – Caring
A – Awesome
H – Helpful
L- Life Coach
A – Aspiring
C – Compassionate
E – Energetic
R – Rousing
T – Terrific Trainer
E – Exceptional
This about sums up Micah and his HitchFit training methods. If you’re willing to make changes to your lifestyle, follow the diet plan he gives you and are dedicated to maintaining a fitness program, you will be a success, I guarantee it!!!
Mary Hall Hedges-50, Hitch Fit Transformation
Shawnee Mission , Ks.
Micah LaCerte really helped pick me up at a time when I was really down. I changed my entire life to a much healthier lifestyle that has allowed me to be a much more balanced and focused person. I also gained a really close friend and someone to look up to that lives what they preach!
Adam Gross-30, Hitch Fit Transformation
Kansas City, Mo.
As a Hitchfit client I have learned that this is a lifestyle and that is what it has become for me! I now love going to the gym and eating properly. I make this a part of my daily routine and there are no excuses. Thank you Micah for being a daily inspiration!
Elaine Palumbo Collins- Hitch Fit Client
Stoneham, MA
” I was at a point where I wasn’t quite clear what the next step was. I had the energy, passion and the gift to help others but I wasn’t sure where to channel it. That’s when Micah’s friendship inspired me to write my autobiography. A story of my life that could help many people. One phone call and one word from a friend changed my path in literally one second. I had no typing skills but a little over a year later I launched my book. I don’t know if I would be where I am at today if Micah hadn’t of planted the seed.”
Cisco Guerra-
Kansas City, Mo.
Life Coach, Author, National Communicator, Motivator, Elite Fitness Trainer and Pop Culture Expert
One must be an example of everything he proclaims. I have seen that in you and used the image of diligence, knowledge and energy you resemble in realizing what I must fix in my lifestyle.
These are not pure words, I have gained great results being inspired by Diana and you, thank you for that.
Jelena Prelevic
New York
I’ve never met you in person but you have touched my life through your work with Laura Eilers. She was a client of yours and has shared what she learned from you with other people like me. I can’t say thank you enough. I look forward every day to your posts on Facebook because they help me to stay on track and make the choices to keep working to my goal.
Thank you Micah and Diana, keep up the good work!
Debbie Mierisch- 56
St Louis Mo.

iHealthTube Featuring: This Ancient Practice Could Help You Live Happier, Healthier and Longer! And Lose Weight With Acupuncture

Regan Archibald is an expert in Chinese medicine. Here, he talks about acupuncture, not as a treatment, but as a maintenance tool. Find out what kind of benefits you can get and how it's stood the test of time!

Lose Weight With Acupuncture

By: Mathew Anderson

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been around for about 5,000 years. It is the practice of inserting very thin needles to stimulate pathways or meridians in the body to treat many illnesses and diseases especially to relieve pain from chronic disorders.

The main goal of acupuncture weight loss is to stimulate the patient's digestive system. While acupuncture weight loss uses acupuncture as the main foundation of this process, it is always married with an herb regimen.

Acupuncture points in the ear are usually replaced with ear tacks or ear staples. Thereafter, an adhesive is secured over these. Usually, the ear tacks or ear staples are placed exactly where the needle was. These should continue with treatment in between sessions.

It is important to include a combination of cardio, resistance or weight training, and stretching or flexibility training, for overall fitness and a balanced body shape. Cardio training increases your fitness and helps you burn body fat, whilst the weight training will increase your metabolism and lean muscle mass and help shape and tone your body.

While acupuncture for weight loss will help greatly by using your own body, you need to be committed and help yourself too; you need to stick to a balanced diet and try to have as much physical activity as possible. There are simple yet very effective exercises such as yoga and Pilates, which can be done in the comfort of your home, whenever you have time.

Acupuncture weight loss treatments mean additioning locks-reedy penuryles in particular acne on the skin to help the body role suitably. In weight loss, acupuncture stimulates the body to liberate usual hurting-relieving chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals are also known to be usual desire suppressants, serving you resist cravings and to paste with your diet arrange.

Acupuncture for weight loss involves inserting needles in specific areas or points of the body through which endorphins are known to pass through, to promote calming and relaxing effects.

Endorphins are also known to affect the digestive system, especially metabolism. Therefore, by targeting these points in acupuncture, it is hoped that weight loss can be promoted.

Acupuncture helps you be more relaxed and gives you more energy which will in turn put a zip in your step and help you to be able to exercise more thus burning more calories. The stress relief alone from acupuncture can be huge boost to people who are prone to stress eating and that alone can help you lose a lot of weight.

Acupuncture weight loss clinics also use methods such as light exercise, Shaitsu massage, proper breathing lessons, and information on body balance and flexibility as essential elements of a fully rounded acupuncture weight loss system.

One thing to remember about using acupuncture for weight loss is that it is a slow process and you will have to have some patience. Acupuncture overall can bring on a lifestyle change that will help you lose weight and keep it off. This is a natural method of losing weight that is not harmful to you and should be tried by anyone who has a few extra pounds they need to take off.
Read About Weight Loss Diets Also Read About Healthy Foods and Health Benefits of Fruits

Tactical Bodyweight Workouts Present JustPoliceVideos Featuring: Police Helicopter Footage of Riot and Are you Secure in America?

This video [below] contains unedited police interactions that is shown for documentary purposes of a newsworthy event. It is left unedited so that people may understand what actually happened in this event. It may contain graphic video and/or audio. Viewer discretion is advised. King County Sheriff's department footage of Mayday Riots in Seattle Washington

Revolutionary Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Provides A Simple Bodyweight-Training Blueprint to Help You Gain Strength, Boost Power, and Rebuild Your Body 

Image result for Police Helicopter Footage of Riot

World’s Greatest Military Operators and Law Enforcement Professionals Reveal the Secret Bodyweight-Only Training System Used By Elite Tactical Athletes

TO: 👊🎖️Military Operators, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Prepared Citizens Serious About Building Tactical Muscle

RE: 💪Special Report by Joseph Arangio, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach

Are you Secure in America?

By: Aurelia Masterson

Introduction - This information is widely available on the Internet. Many of you may not be aware of it. Since the USA is in the midst of a financial meltdown you should perhaps familiarize yourself with some of these things. If civil unrest sets in like riots, protests demonstrations, states trying to enforce some of their states rights not just talking about it you may see some or all of these measure enacted. Doom and Gloom would be the descriptive words. The constitution appears to be irrelevant to the government.

Executive Orders Allowing the Government
to Take Control Over Everything.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 - This authorizes the federal government to control completely any and all means of transport of products or people, all waterways and roads. Looks like this one is in place already. Been to airport or seaport lately.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 - This authorizes the federal government take over the communications media companies. Hard to say this has not been done with the large media companies anyway.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 – This grants the power for the federal government to control entirely all energy including utility companies, water companies, oil production or refining etc.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 – This authorizes the federal government to confiscate all modes of transportation, including railroad cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, cars, and trucks. They also get control over all roads, ports, rivers, lakes etc.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999 – This is an especially scary one. It lets the federal government control all food resources and food production facilities. Think this one over. Does this include paying people to not grow food? Do you like Genetically Modified Food as much as the government does? The guys who said Viox is safe get to control your food. Great.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 - This authorizes the federal government to put civilians constituents into labor forces under government supervision and control. Imagine this one.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 - This authorizes the federal government to control all health, education and welfare functions. Looks like past tense here.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 – This authorizes the Postmaster General to create a national registry for all people. Now that would be efficient.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 – This authorizes the federal government to completely control any and all airports, landing strips and airplanes private or commercial. We think the control over airports is historical, been to one lately?

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 – This particularly potentially nasty order allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate entire communities, which could be whole cities, towns or villages. Where and how is of course a good question? They could also be able to build new housing with public funds (what funds), designate areas to be abandoned (scary – if an area or region becomes rebellious they could declare it abandoned and make it illegal for anyone to be there), and provide new housing locations for residents. Innocently this could be used in time of war if a city was bombed out. Sadly it has other uses. If they moved you it would not be into a white picket fence home with a yard. Think tents or military barracks. How long would one be there? Would there be work assignments? Would you get paid? Would there be good food and medical? Would you be able to leave the facility?

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 – This allows the government to take control over railroads, which may include muni railroads and subways, inland waterways, which could be rivers and lakes, and public storage facilities, which could be storage lockers, safe deposit boxes, and warehouses.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 – This empowers the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authority to put all Executive Orders into play in times of tense international relations or when there is an economic crisis. Sounds like today?

EXECUTIVE ORDER 1131 – This order authorizes the Department of Justice to enforce the various Executive Orders on a private and governmental level. It grants them control over all aliens and prisons of all sorts on any level.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 - This is a consolidative order facilitating the implementation of 21 executive orders issued over 15 years

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 - This allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to control any and all aspects of the USA economy including cash, salaries, savings, credit cards, credit, money supply, wages, financial institutions like banks, stock brokers, and even energy resources and production capabilities etc. If the President calls for a state of emergency Congress cannot even do anything at all for six months. This is a suspension of congress if you haven’t picked up on this yet. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is an extremely dangerous agency.

The National Security Act of 1947 – This act makes it possible for the government to relocate according to their needs any and all private industries or governmental agencies according to their needs or perceived needs.

The Defense Production Act of 1950 – This act gives the President sweeping powers over the entire economy.

The Act of August 29, 1916- This act authorizes the Secretary of the Army, in war time, to take possession of any transportation system for purposes of providing transportation for military troops, materials, or any other purpose related to the emergency.

International Emergency Economic Powers Act – This act enables the President of the USA to take any property of any foreign country or foreign national. These powers were eventually transferred to FEMA super agency effective in 1979. FEMA does operate under the President.

Summary – Anyone ever study European History say from the late 1930’s to the mid 1940’s focusing on Warsaw Poland for instance. How about the Japanese internment camps in California during WW11. This much power in the hands of a very few people can be truly scary. The good news is if you do not approve of politics you are still free to vote with your feet and leave the country. This is a right that may or may not be available for ever. This could just be innocent orders designed to allow the government to stay in power, maintain order and provide for the people in the event of a war attack or a disaster.

We can reference what happened in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina and we all know how well that went. Will your friendly military and law enforcement officers not wanting to be in your shoes go along with these directives or not if there was no good reason for them to be enacted? What about Blackwater or their equivalent? Again go back to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Here you are the judge and jury and have to decide yourself how to interpret these orders and what implications if any they hold for you.

-Aurelia Masterson, an associate of
Aurelia Masterson is an associate of Panama Legal law firm. She has years of experience in the field and now shares her observations of current events, politics, and law with the Internet community. She can be contacted at:

The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with Guardian

View Previous Devo

Secure in Christ from

Adapted from the resource The Confident Women Devotional - by Joyce Meyer
An addiction is something that controls people—something they feel they cannot do without or something they do to alleviate pain or pressure. It is what people run to when they are hurting or feel lonely.
It comes in many varieties, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, shopping, eating, work—and, yes, even approval.
Like any addict, insecure people look for a “fix” when they get shaky. They need someone to reaffirm them and assure them everything is all right and they are acceptable.
When a person has an addiction, the things they are addicted to are on their mind most of the time. Therefore, if someone is an approval addict, they will have an abnormal concern and an abundance of thoughts about what people think of them.
The good news is that none of us has to suffer with insecurity; there is a cure for the approval addict. The Word of God says we can be secure and confident through Jesus Christ. That means we are free to be ourselves and become all we can be in Him.
Prayer Starter: Lord, teach me what it means to be rooted deep in Your love and to be secure in my relationship with Jesus. You know my weaknesses and everything that seeks to control my life. You know the “fixes” that I have tried. Help me to know my freedom in Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Believer's Voice Of Victory Featuring: Drive Out Fear With The WORD of God and A Happy New Year

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A Happy New Year

Romans 10:13

Today people everywhere are gathering together to celebrate the first bright moments of the new year.
Yet, for thousands of others, this day will be the toughest 24 hours of their lives. For those people, New Year's Day will serve only as a dim reminder of loneliness and loss. It will simply mark the beginning of another year of failure.
What about you? What's this year really going to be like for you?
You may appear to be happy enough. You may be passing out seasonal smiles and holiday greetings just like everyone else. But inside, you may hurt. You may be disappointed. You may even feel like you can't go on.
If so, I want you to know something. All of that can change in an instant. You can start your life over today and make this New Year's Day the most joyful day of your life!
How many times have you said to yourself, "If I could just start over, I'd do it all differently"? That doesn't have to be simply an idle wish. Jesus Christ has actually made it possible. That's His Christmas present to you. He paid the price for all your sins. He paid the penalty for all your mistakes.
That's the reason He came to earth. That's the reason He was born—so you could start over!
You may look at your life and say, "But I've made some terrible mistakes. I've done some despicable things." That doesn't matter. Jesus paid the price for them all!
How can you make a new start? Romans 10:9 says that "if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." It's as easy as saying, "Jesus, I'm turning my life over to You. From this day forward I'm Yours."
What better time to turn your life around than on this first day of the new year. Right now, wherever you are, just give your life to Jesus. Then jump up and down and holler, "Praise God, I'm starting all over!" And find out what it really means to have a happy new year!
Scripture Reading:
Romans 10:1-13
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