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Sunday, December 30, 2018

CoachTube Football Presents Alabama Insider Featuring: Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma players address the media following Orange Bowl loss to Alabama

Head coach Lincoln Riley and Oklahoma players address the media following the Sooners' College Football Playoff Semifinal loss to Alabama. [Video and More Below]

Presented on US Sports Net By CoachTube Football!

Rob Rhodes

All-22 Spread Offense - Part 1

The Best Spread Run/RPO Concepts (Part 1 of a 2 eBook Series)
In this book, Coach Mike Rowe and Coach Slade Singleton look at the most talked-about run concepts and RPOs plays that have been ran out of the spread offense. See how two high school teams use top plays from FAU, UCF, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Clemson. They guarantee that you will find at least one concept that will help you win next season. This book covers over 50 play diagrams and 40 video concepts talked about in this first book.
Coaches ClinicChampionships are Won in the Offseason
Coach Mike Rowe
For the past seven years Mike Rowe has been an active member of the ROCORI School District, working as a third grade teacher and head coach of the Spartans Football program. Under Coach Rowe ROCORI high school has won two conference titles, four section championships, and appeared in the state playoff in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2106, and 2017. In 2011 the Spartans won their first ever State Football Championship. Coach Rowe has been an advocate for developing character in his athletes and in 2014 the NFL featured him in a video that aimed to stop domestic violence and dating violence. Prior to taking over the Spartans Football program Mike Rowe was coaching college football at Central Lakes College, Minot State, and St. Cloud State. Mike has been involved in the NFL High School Player Development Camps the last three years, and is married to wife Elisabeth, with whom he has three children Avery, Ainsley, and Grayson.
Coach Rowe has also partnered with to make both his Team Building the Spartan Way Program , as well as his Spartan Spread System available to other coaches.
Coach Slade Singleton
Slade Singleton has been coaching high school football for eight years. He takes pride in turning around struggling football programs. He has had three quarterbacks sign college scholarships. His offense in 2014 was ranked in the top 10 in North Carolina 3A and second in Western North Carolina.  His teams have appeared in the state playoffs 2 times since 2014 with him as the offensive coordinator. He believes that being able to coach is his opportunity to change lives for the better; on and off of the field.  He is married to Jessica and has three children; Natalie, Lilly, and Sean. He thanks God for the opportunity to be a coach and mentor to his athletes....Book this course......

StrengthCoach One Dumbbell In Season Workout

Michael Boyle - 
So many coaches complain about not having a weight room, not having a strength coach, not having equipment etc. My feeling is instead of complaining, find a solution. There is a quote I love that sums this up.
“Better to light one candle than to sit and curse the darkness”
The truth is you can actually get a great workout in with only one dumbbell. You can get your entire team training for less than $500 in most cases.
To start, pick a dumbbell that will be challenging for Dumbbell Rows ( challenging but, not the heaviest you could use, think 80%) and then do the following
First, do your power movement for three sets of 5 reps. We use the Dumbbell Snatch but, you can use Jump Squats if you are not comfortable teaching the Dumbbell Snatch.
The key is to do a power exercise. Power and strength are not the same, power exercises are done explosively and are designed to work the nervous system more than the muscular system.
After doing three sets of your power exercise, it is now on to strength. I like to alternate an upper body exercise and a lower body exercise. For this program, we want to choose exercises that can be done in a with one dumbbell or no equipment so we will use some type of Split Squats or 1 Leg Squat and Pushups as our first two. Do your strength exercises for ten reps
Next, pair up a 1 Leg Straight Leg Deadlift progression with some type of row, again alternating from one to the other.
You can start with the reaching version of the One Leg Straight Leg Deadlift....Read the full article with videos by Joining today!

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iHealthTube Featuring: This Cancer Treatment Approach Might Be Best

In his three decades of treating cancer, Dr. Jose Henriquez offers advice on what he sees as the best way to approach cancer treatment. Learn about what he thinks works better in terms of chemotherapy, radiation, natural treatments, etc. [Video and more below]

Cellular Nutrition in Cancer Treatment
By: Lucy Jones.

Cancer treatments come in many different forms, from the traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy to newer practices such as hyperthermia and intravenous vitamin supplements. This article will be looking at the use of cellular nutrition in cancer treatments, including alternative therapies.

Optimal cell health is very important for our health and can be achieved through nutrition. Our cells work hard to turn oxygen and nutrients into energy and water using the cellular power plants called mitochondria that each of them contains. The problem is that oxygen is toxic to our cells and produces free radicals which oxidize biological molecules, just like iron oxidizes when it rusts. This damages the cells and inactivates cellular respiration, causing the cell to die. The body’s fats, proteins and DNA are impaired, contributing to aging and diseases like cancer.

Oxidative stress can be reduced by strengthening the body's antioxidant defenses and bringing down the number of free radicals in the body. Optimal cellular nutrition is the best way of doing this. All nutrients need to be supplied to the cell at optimal levels so it can choose which nutrients it needs.

Within a few months of achieving optimal cell nutrition our nutrient levels are corrected. So how do we reach this goal? Research shows that following the RDA, or recommended daily allowance, of certain vitamins is not enough. Some studies demonstrate that the optimal level of vitamin C is in fact 1200 to 2000 mg per day, much more than the RDA which is just 60 mg.

To achieve optimal cellular nutrition we would need to eat 18 oranges, 17 kiwis or 160 apples. Clearly we need to take some supplements if we want to reach these vitamin levels.

When it comes to cancer treatment cellular nutrition can work alone in fighting the disease in its early stages, but it is usually used to strengthen the body prior to more traditional therapies. As well as changing our diet we need to move beyond an over the counter approach to supplementation.

Angeles hospital in Mexico provides cancer patients with organic meals as well as pharmaceutical grade supplements. Supplementation programs are created by a team of medical experts that take important factors such as physical state, genetic background, daily activities, gender, age and the presence or absence of different diseases.

People with chronic diseases like cancer find it harder to meet their daily nutritional needs by just changing their diet as their bodies require extra help. Professionally designed supplementation prescription is often necessary.

On the alternative cancer treatment program at Angeles hospital the Functional Oncology team use your medical history, various tests and lab work to create a supplement regimen to optimize your cellular nutrition and meet your health challenges and needs. The supplementation plan is continually revised and adjusted as your body begins to heal and become more balanced and healthy.

Angeles hospital provides cancer treatment of the highest standards and is known for being an upscale luxury facility with state of the art equipment and the most innovative, effective techniques. To learn more please view our alternative cancer treatment website.
Roisin Evans is the author of this article on Alternative Cancer Treatments. Find more information, about Cancer Treatment Mexico here

Tactical Bodyweight Workouts Present Police Activity Featuring; Bodycam Captures Chicago Police Shooting Armed Man After Chase

** (Disclaimer: This video content [below] is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** A police-involved shooting that left a man wounded in the neck on the South Side Wednesday night is under investigation. Police said the shooting happened during an altercation and the man shot by police is hospitalized in serious condition. Police chased him into an apartment building in the East Chatham neighborhood. At ground 7 p.m. Wednesday, police said they saw an armed man in a crowd of people near 79th Street and Drexel Avenue, so police chased after him when he ran away. A group of about three officers followed the man into the third floor of an apartment building nearby, where they struggled according to authorities. One officer fired one shot. The man did not return fire. The events unfolded as children went door-to-door trick-or-treating with their parents. "He ran into the building to third floor where he pushed his way in," said Chicago Police Patrol Chief Fred Waller.

Revolutionary Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Provides A Simple Bodyweight-Training Blueprint to Help You Gain Strength, Boost Power, and Rebuild Your Body 

Related image

World’s Greatest Military Operators and Law Enforcement Professionals Reveal the Secret Bodyweight-Only Training System Used By Elite Tactical Athletes

TO: 👊🎖️Military Operators, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Prepared Citizens Serious About Building Tactical Muscle

RE: 💪Special Report by Joseph Arangio, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
"Officers followed behind him. A struggle, a brief struggle, ensued there. He continued to run out of that building and that's when he was shot." Waller said the man was shot inside the building and outside the apartment. "Children have been walking down this street all day and all evening trick-or-treating," said Tou're Simpson, who lives nearby. "It's just too bad. It's a shame. Really it is." Officers recovered a 9 millimeter weapon with an extended clip, releasing a picture of it. Family members that the man who was shot is 23 years old and is the father of two young children, a baby and a 2-year-old. They are questioning if the use of force was justified. Meanwhile, the officer has been put on administrative duty for 30 days, pending the outcome of an independent investigation.

The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with Avery Watts

DECEMBER 30 from cdm

“Therefore it is of faith, that it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed; not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham; who is the father of us all” (Romans 4:16).
We must have faith in God’s grace and the promises He made to us. Like Abraham, we position ourselves to receive from God when we refuse to let doubt get in the way of our belief.

Put Avery Watts on Your Playlist @

Creflo Dollar Ministries Featuring: "God Cures Part 1" on Your World with Creflo and Born to Victory

"God Cures Part 1" on Your World with Creflo [Video and more below]

Born to Victory

John 16:33, The Amplified Bible

Jesus said as long as you live in the world, you're going to have trouble. (I can vouch for that!) But you're not just in the world. You're in Jesus in the world, and that makes all the difference. You're in Him and He's overcome every kind of trouble there is.
As God's child, you're not the defeated trying to get victory. You're the overcomer, and Satan's trying to rob you of the victory that already belongs to you.
When you made Jesus the Lord of your life, you were born into victory... because the Victor came to live in you. Think about it. The victorious Jesus. The Anointed One. The glorified and resurrected Lord. The Ruler of the Universe.
Cheer up, my friend. Have "perfect peace and confidence." That's Jesus who lives in you!
Scripture Reading:
John 16:15-33
© 1991 Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc. aka: Kenneth Copeland Publications    All rights reserved.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

1800 Petmeds Presents: ABA Basketball on US Sports Net CCC Delta Stars vs San Francisco City Cats ABA Basketball LIVE 12/29/18

1800 Petmeds Presents: ABA Basketball on US Sports Net

1800Petmeds 25% Off Everything

24hr Fitness Presents This Big 10 Update on US Sports Net Featuring: Top Plays: Wisconsin at Minnesota | Big Ten Women's Basketball

The top plays from Minnesota's 74-56 victory over Wisconsin on Friday night. [Video and More Below]

Presented on US Sports Net By 24hr Fitness


TRX master trainer Miguel Vargas can get you started. Vargas has six killer moves that are going to torch that belly fat and tighten up those abs.
All you need is a TRX Suspension Trainer, a stopwatch and a towel. We promise this workout is going to make you sweat. Whether you’re new to the TRX straps or a TRX Pro, these moves are going to leave your heart pounding and muscles pumping.
The best part, all it takes is just a few minutes a day—a small price to pay to get and keep the waistline you’ve always wanted.
Instructions: Complete each exercise for 20 reps on the minute. That means this workout should last less than six minutes. If you really want to build a killer six-pack, give it a second round. Try it once and you’ll see that TRX is all core all the time. If you want to get shredded, the TRX Suspension Trainer is the tool you need.....Learn more.....
Free Pass

TRX Speed Squat Adjust the straps to midlength. Stand facing the anchor point with your feet hip-width apart. Stack your elbows underneath your shoulders with tension on the straps. Lower your hips down and back, bending at the knees to 90 degrees and keeping your head and shoulders over your hips. Drive through your heels and return to standing. If you’re new, take your time with these. If this isn’t your first rodeo, then we want you to get after it! That means move quickly and squeeze those glutes and abs to make sure you get that furnace churning and burning to melt that belly fat! TRX Atomic Push-Up Adjust the straps to midcalf. Place your toes in the foot cradles, and face away from the anchor point in a high plank position. Your hands are wider than your shoulders. Lower yourself to the ground in a push-up position. When you return to the top, pull your knees to your chest for a TRX crunch. Send your feet back out to your plank position to finish the rep. Keep reading......

Strength Coach- Video- Wisdom Wednesday [or Friday, Saturday. wisdom works all week!]- Should Bodyweight Always Come Before External Resistance?

Mike Boyle

" has helped me tremendously since its inception.  The articles and videos continue to be really helpful in learning what's currently going on in the Strength and Conditioning profession.  
However, what I find most valuable is the ongoing forum discussions which feature dialogue between some of the best people in the business.  You get an insight to what people are doing with their clients/athletes."

Sean Skahan, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Minnesota Wild

You want to learn, network and grow as a professional.
Is it even possible in such an intimidating environment filled with so much conflicting information?

It's Overwhelming Out There...
Anthony Renna, host of The Strength Coach Podcast
I can remember when I first started out as a trainer, I couldn't believe how much conflicting information there was about Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training! 
I was trying to absorb as much information as I could but it was pretty confusing, I wasn't sure who to believe or who I could trust.  The internet was (and still is) filled with snake oil salesmen padding their resumes (amazing how many people claim to have worked with pro athletes and Olympic champions) trying to make a buck selling “magic” training formulas.
The peers I had been working with in my big box gym seemed to be mostly concerned with their own bodies, and trainers who had been there the longest were not interested in teaching anyone that might be their competition. 
They certainly weren't interested in learning anything new.  I wasn't sure where to turn. 
A lot of trainers face the same problems:
  • Overwhelmed by all of the information on the internet
  • Waste too much valuable time searching for answers to questions
  • Take a chance and overpay for DVD's that end up over-promising and under-delivering
  • Get books that are outdated with authors that you can't get in touch with for questions
  • Have no one to connect with to talk about industry topics
  • Can't find good mentors to help with advancing in their career
It's frustrating!
According to many sources, the career "life" expectancy for trainers is anywhere from 1-3 years.
They end up leaving the business for good.
I know, I was at that point. 

I really felt all alone in my pursuit to become a better trainer......Keep reading....
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Natural Cures Featuring: The Longevity Prescription According to a Nobel Prize in Medicine

The telomere theory of aging is one of the most prominent longevity concepts. In this video, you are going to learn which foods and lifestyle habits keep them healthy. You know that friend of yours who is over 40 but doesn’t look like it? Or that person that’s so much older than you, but who has the energy and good disposition of someone younger? Most of the time, we tend to believe this is due to "good genes," which is partly true. But science seems to be getting closer and closer to understanding the "secret" behind these people’s longevity. Just like our appearance gives us clues about our chronological age (white hair and wrinkles) inside our bodies it’s also possible to know how old we are. And that answer may be in our telomeres, the end of our chromosomes. Elizabeth Blackburn, a researcher whose work earned her a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009, was the person who discovered this relationship. She is also the author of a book - The Telomere Effect - which explains how our diet, physical activity, mental health, and even our social relations influence the length of our telomeres.

Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.